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Beyond the physical beauty of the central modeI I love the way her face is softly lit by the candle light. Totally beautiful.

I don't know where to put this but I really like this picture.

"Kali stumbled through the hallways, the medicine pounding in her veins making her blood turn to fire and the colors to black and white."

the night she left I drank the neck and shoulders off the bottle of jack that had been sitting, unopened, on my counter for the last two years. Neck and Shoulders.

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'Why did I have to be a Peasant?' I complain 'if I wasn't , I might be able to meet the prince' I sigh and daydream about the last thought. I snap my head to the left and see someone in a cloak running down the ally .(open rp. Someone be the prince. I'm the girl Emmelia)

Kaya Scodelario, mirror of the soul, beauty, face, female, intense eye, powerful, portrait, photo b/w

People as animals, animals with humanistic facial expressions.

Love the colors and mood to this image. Amazing in every possible way - Photo by Matthew Priestley #portrait #photography

500px ISOfrom 500px ISO

The 20 Best Portraits on 500px

This image here is not rule of thirds because the picture is all centered and mostly straight forward on the face and only the face.