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I'm not gonna lie, I don't wanna see any girl 3/4 naked, skinny or fat. For real, it's hot, but keep it decent :)

Logical proof that female = Iron Man! Unlock your inner Iron Man at Fitocracy.

haha the struggle is real! I usually go for the pj's!

Simple Joys

Funny Weekend Ecard: That awkward moment when you take a shower in the middle of the day and you're not sure whether to put on regular clothes or pajama's. *Always choose pajamas!

In The Garden of Life, be a flower, not a hoe.

Free and Funny Flirting Ecard: Just because it's a bad idea, doesn't mean it's not going to be a good time.

This could happen...or not!

I work hard at my job, but if the opportunity to become a rich housewife arises, I'm taking it. Then I could have my art studio and create things all day long and have my dream shop!

I don't always lose my phone... but when I do, it's always on silent.

Story of my life! And since my phone spends like of the time on silent, I lose it pretty often!


This is my life. killed me when I read this. Made me laugh literally out loud! My day at work (almost everyday).

And if it really showed how unintelligent you are, I'd basically have all the sentience of an amoeba...

E-card: If swearing like a mother fucker burned calories I'd weight like 8 pounds.

too true.

The Funniest Someecards Of The Week (PICTURES)

Well....maybe the fourth lol

Just kidding I'm on my cupcake. Just kidding I hate cupcakes. Just kidding I live for cupcakes. Just kidding I live for veggies. Just kidding veggies make me sick. Just kidding millennials make me sick.