Comic book gender swaps show how silly and objectifying some of the art can be.

what if male superheroes had the same degrading costumes as women?

Batgirl by Mike S. Miller

Nightwing by dleoblack on DeviantArt

What super man would look like if he was drawn the way female characters are.

Gamers Should Be Able to Choose Any Type of Character They Want

If male superheroes were treated equally...

Ashley Guillory

Oooh, and this one's by Rosalarian! I follow her on tumblr. Shout outs to her, Escher Girls, and The Hawkeye Initiative for pointing out things wrong with women's portrayal in comics. "Exactly! #feminism"


Those who mind, don’t matter, and those who matter dont mind ;) -- DR. SEUSS



Male comic book heroes drawn in various women super hero costumes. Here is Captain America in Caitlin Fairchild's costume

Sexual assault. Not romance.


gendered clothing


Justice League