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    Comic book gender swaps show how silly and objectifying some of the art can be.

    The Hawkeye Initiative: It started with the top image. An artist called Blue posted a drawing of a Black Widow and Hawkeye cover with the poses swapped. Blue then issued a challenge to other artists: replace the female characters in other comics with Hawkeye. These are just a few examples of what happened next.

    Ashley Guillory

    《 "The 5 Most Ridiculously Sexist Superhero Costumes - If you're thinking, "This doesn't work unless I can see her boobs," you're not writing comics, you're masturbating. Especially when characters wear such skintight Spandexium that the only difference between "fully clothed" and "complete nudity" is coloring." 》 #feminism #comics

    This is what Superman would look like if he was drawn the way female characters are. I lol'd. #Feminism

    Gamers Should Be Able to Choose Any Type of Character They Want

    Haha considering I'm finishing up my Powergirl costume, this is pretty hilarious... way to go DC

    If male superheroes were treated equally...

    "How to fix every Strong Female Character pose in superhero comics: replace the character with Hawkeye doing the same thing."

    X-men Illustration by Adi Granov: not a big fan of comic books, but I like this idea


    what if male superheroes had the same degrading costumes as women?

    Captain Marvel (Kelly Sue Deconnick, 2014) | 13 Comics That Smash The Patriarchy

    Men and women! They talk like people!


    Someday @ Comic Con

    Marvel Comics In Marvel Movies

    Savage Cyclops is the best Cyclops. | Turns Out Superheroes Make Seriously Sexy Pin-Ups Wow Scott Summers - Finally, sexed up MALE super hero.

    This is the infamous Backbreaker pose that is unbelievably common in female comic book characters. The point is to show breasts and butt at the same time. It's everywhere, and it makes me SO MAD. The Hawkeye Initiative is a place to draw attention to ridiculously sexist comic book character drawings by replacing a female in a typical superhero pose with the character Hawkeye.

    Marvel vs DC