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Is it love? The physical attraction test measures pulse and breathing when a couple embraces

Mashablefrom Mashable

This scientific new way to cut pizza will make you burn with anger

Here's the mathematically proven way to cut perfectly equal pizza slices. But maybe you should just order another pie.

Mail Onlinefrom Mail Online

Still fearsome... but a little smaller: Dinosaurs weighed much less less than previous estimates, say scientists

Lighter, yet still fearsome: A Spinosaurus (from the show Planet Dinosaur) was one of the biggest predator ever to walk the earth - but perhaps smaller than previously thought

Underwater "crop circles." Male pufferfishes (Torquigener sp., Tetraodontidae) construct large geometric circular structures on the seabed that play an important role in female mate choice.

Ed Yong covers an astonishing variety of scientific research in language that is accessible without catering to the least common denominator. Cheers to that.

Strangest Genitals In The Animal Kingdom: Detachable genitals, singing genitals ... you have no idea how weird this stuff can get.

This isn’t the prestigious and sober Nobel Prize, it’s funny and fantastic. The annual honor, administered by the group Improbable Research, is given to scientific research that makes people “laugh and then think.” The 2011 winners explored quirky questions, including: Is yawning contagious for red-footed tortoises? How does having to pee affect people’s decision-making? Why is that beetle trying to mate with a beer bottle? [By Alisa Opar/Photograph by Peter Baumber]