Vincent Price, a very snazzy and sophisticated man...and a horror buff. Hm.

Vincent Price

Boris Karloff


Vincent Price

Bette Davis, 1989

Vincent Price in "Dragonwyck" (1946) He is one of my all time favorite actors!

Happy Birthday to the “Bat Pack!” Peter Cushing’s birthday was May 26, Vincent Price and Christopher Lee were both born on May 27th. Via William Forsche

Vincent Price as a young man © 2000-2012, Yale University Library.

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Vincent Price-legend

Vincent Price in The Tomb of Ligeia

Vincent Price

The incomparable Geoffrey Rush. Photo: Jens Koch.

vincent price

William Powell (actor) - Died March 5, 1984. Born July 29, 1892. The Thin Man, Life with Father, Mr. Roberts, survived nearly 50 years after experimental cancer surgery in the '30s, married to Diana Lewis for over 40 years. American actor who typically played highly self-confident characters, with a sophisticated sense of humor and wit.

Elizabeth Montgomery on Bewitched (1960’s) I just love her....

Cary Grant (born Archibald Alexander Leach; January 18, 1904 – November 29, 1986) was an English stage and Hollywood film actor who became an American citizen in 1942.

Harry Morgan...Col. Potter RIP

Vincent Price, Price Magnet

Vincent Price - (May 27, 1911 – October 25, 1993)