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Tights aren't pants. You're not allowed to have exposed crotch or butt if you're wearing tights. But if you have a long shirt that's another story. This isn't a color combo I would condone necessarily, but I'm a big fan of where that shirt falls.

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I love everything about this look. I have that pearl necklace from J.Crew, and a similar plaid blouse. Not sure about the vest/sweater situation happening, but I love all of the colors and patterns and textures happening in this outfit.

a) My name is Marie and I'm a wallflower. b) 25 years old. c) From Georgia (country, not a state). d) "“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”- Albert Einstein

" I would like these glasses to be your guardian angel through which you see a human being in front of you, regardless of religion, culture, color or nationality. They will not only protect you from the sun. They will help you to live beautiful."