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15 Unusual Things Spotted In Nature

Best board: "Lobster Claw" Heliconia Rostrata, attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.

{what a beautiful bird} The Crested Coua is distributed and endemic to forests, savanna and brushland of Madagascar. It is found from sea-level to altitude of 900 metres. The diet consists mainly of various insects, fruits, berries, seeds, snails and chameleons. The female usually lays two white eggs in nest made from twigs.

These Amazonian parrots are mellow and cluster in big flocks in the Peruvian Amazon. You can sit and watch their antics for hours. They have an awful name and don’t get much airplay, but they are awesome!

Beautiful Bird Photography 如如美學 / John & Fish Gallery 台北市 大直 明水路672巷27號 No.27, Lane.672, Mingshui Road Taipei Taiwan Little Egret, taken at Pinglin, New Taipei City, TAIWAN

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More on Los Andes in Guatemala

Guatemala — Birdchick

~Twelve-wired Bird-of-Paradise (Seleucidis melanoleuca) male displaying to a female at his display pole in the swamp rain forest at Nimbokrang, Papau, Indonesia, Island of New Guinea. Photo by Tim Laman.

Follow your intuition at all times, especially when it's roaring loud. It is a gift that everyone has, to not only guide us to make choices in this life, but also to protect us from people, places, and situations that might not be of our highest good. -Bella

Standing Tall by ~Mac-Wiz (Steven Shore Photograqphy) ©2009-2012 Blue Crowned Pigeon Photographed at the Santa Barbara Zoo

The Major Mitchell's Cockatoo (Lophochroa leadbeateri) is a medium-sized cockatoo restricted to arid and semi-arid inland areas of Australia.•••One Major Mitchell's Cockatoo that has become quite famous is "Cookie," a beloved resident of Illinois' Brookfield Zoo near Chicago since it opened in 1934. As of June 2012, Cookie is 79 years old and has retired from actively being displayed. He currently resides in the keeper's office at the Perching Bird House.