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Kindle Paperwhite - Touch Screen Ereader with Built-In Light

Kindle Paperwhite - Touch Screen Ereader with Built-In Light

OK, so I never thought I would be OK not flipping pages with my fingers. However, once my friends bought me this to be in their LA book club while I am in Ango, I must say, it is way better than lugging around books and then having nothing to read until your next R&R; to a place that actually sells books. There are still books I will only buy in physical form, but this is pretty great.

This bookmobile for the sick was wheeled around Los Angeles hospitals in 1928, a service of the LA public library.

Regain Your Balance: Ataxia Solutions from The Nerve Whisperer, Find Health and Healing in Six Complementary and Alternative Medicine Arenas Balance, Basal Ganglia & Disgust Exercises Poster Presentation for Neuroplasticity and Cognitive Modifiability Conference, Jerusalem, Israel June 2013

Love it! I still believe a kindle kills everything that I love about books. Their character, smell, feel, history, everything that contributes to their individual essence. Each one is as unique as a person, no two books will ever have the same journey.

Well, I have three giant book cases, plus books stashed all over the place. I'd say my house is pretty homey.

Bookshelf wall tiles—for the one remaining section of your wall that doesn't contain a real bookshelf.

Kindle Voyage Next-Gen Paperwhite Display, Highest-Resolution, Highest Contrast, New Adaptive Front Light, Reimagined Page Turns, Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi + Free 3G

Kindle Voyage Touch Screen E-Reader with Light - $220. Why must I fall in love with every new #Kindle device that comes along?

This fall, Amazon released a new ereader that has bookworms drooling. The Voyage is Amazon’s latest in the Kindle family, and with a sleek new design and updated features, it claims to be the Seattle-based company’s most advanced ereader to date. However, the new technology comes with a price tag: the Voyage starts at $199, …