choose a color and then jump in only that color as you make it to the other side:)

Definitely trying these with my kids!

Games to Play with Sidewalk Chalk

»Make a balance board out of a skateboard deck and a few easy parts. This is so much fun for kids and strong enough for adults to use too« #forthekids

Exploding sticks: Arrange 4 sticks into the pattern shown at website. Add another stick to the top to secure the end. This stick must go diagonally across to hold down the ends of the top horizontal stick and the right vertical stick. Build the chain by adding craft sticks, one at a time to each side. Each stick should go over one stick, and under one stick. If a video would help, you can check out the post at Mom Trusted. X

All the recipes for make your own... Playdoh, bath paint, colored pasta, big bubbles, sidewalk chalk, finger paints, colored rice, glues, spray paints, pavement paint, and more.

Simple and fun homemade outdoor game

And snap!! The job's a game!! Good way to introduce kids to chores. I'll be glad I pinned this one day

chalk games

Sensory Color Sorting Playset. This website has ideas for beautiful handmade learning toys for babies and toddlers. DIY ideas!

How to make that PVC fort that's all over Pinterest. Reading nook for the classroom? So fun!

Since most kids dump out the bottle of bubbles halfway through, this makes perfect sense.

Indoor ball games to play with kids when they are stuck inside

So simple for kids to make!

LEGOS Lego Balloon Car and lots of other great Lego projects for moms who need a little inspiration to impress the kiddos!

50 simple outdoor activities for kids#Repin By:Pinterest++ for iPad#

Spy training and other fun indoor things to do with kids

popsicle chalk. Water, paint & cornstarch frozen in regular popsicle molds.

rainbow treasure hunt! (alternate idea from a comment: As a kid I went to a friend’s birthday party where her mom did something similar–except, each skein of yarn was wrapped around the room individually, leading to personalized gift bags. It was a giant maze that forced everyone to crawl all around, under and over each other to follow our trail. She tied the end opposite of the gift bag to a TP roll, so that we could wind up the yarn as we went. It was a blast!)

How to turn a cardboard box into a jump for Hot Wheels cars! Awesome!