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'Jurassic Park' + 'Rat Race' mash-up = lolz

Mom of the year award goes to...

What the heck kind of soap did they use??

ahahaha Yep. 1/2 of my drawings are rather derpy. :/

"I'M SAILING!" What about Bob....love this movie.

Meryl Streep is ALWAYS the right choice.

A good use for Wingdings. i wish I'd been clever enough to think of that...

Oh, yeah. I was an arteest.

This is perfect...

The guacamole made me do it!

That guy's face! I think this is hilarious because EVERY time we have bananas in the school cafeteria, you can watch a sea of 6th graders on their banana phones. One day I was feeling froggy and walked up to one of the kids and said, "Hey! You know what the rules are! Give me that banana phone, you will get it back at the end of the day!" They totally were confused but tried handing it to me. It was a good laugh. Ah, my job allows me to be weird.

Now that's a friend


"That is a perfectly acceptable way for a man to sing!"

Nailed it. ----- And that my friends is why you don't try to be sexy with video games. Pinned simply because of the last picture.. hilarious.

"...I got better."

Orange you glad I didn't say banana

Joseph Gordon-Levitt gets tickled.

squee! A Frenchie, two bullies, and other assorted surfer pups.

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