The Emmett Rifles ~ Georgia

The Flag of the Bienville Rifles, Company B, 8th Louisiana Infantry at Memorial Hall, Civil War Museum, New Orleans.

11th Virginia company E “Lynchburg Rifles”

Fort Sumter Flag

Tiger Rifles 1st Louisiana Infantry 1861 - Bull Run.

As Fort McAllister fell to the Union Army of Gen. William T. Sherman days before Christmas in 1864, one of his artillery officers seized the Confederate flag of a vanquished company of Georgia riflemen. The officer carried the silk banner home to Maine as a souvenir, and it stayed in his family for three generations in a box along with a handwritten note: “To be return to Savannah or Atlanta sometime.”

The Six Regions of Georgia Civil War Heritage Trails

Civil war confederate battle flag, the Southern Cross. It is truly a pitty how this honorable flag has been demeaned! Do not look at it & think it means a nutcase 'redneck', to put it politly, or a sign of pro-slavory; the war was not fought over slavory.

This extraordinary artifact, the most desirable of all historical artifacts, of the War Between the States was discovered in a Pennsylvania antique store in 1978 by a prominent Confederate collector.      The most widely recognized Confederate flag is the battle flag.  It was the most treasured flag to the men who followed it.  To today's collector, it is the most admired and sought after Confederate flag.  Following its folds, several hundred thousand men died, and hundreds of thousands mo...

Confederate flags

Military & Patriotic:Civil War, Confederate States 13 Star Third National Flag

This flag is another example of the second bunting issue of the standard battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia. It appears to be a size that was used by Artillery batteries, approximately three feet square; shows the characteristic orange border. This flag was attributed to have been captured at Gettysburg.

The 12th Georgia. Part of Brig. Gen. Isaac Trimble's brigade, the 12th Georgia advanced over the rock-strewn battlefield down towards the Confederate left. Trimble's Brigade was to extend the Confederate left late on the evening of August 28, 1862. Trimble's Brigade was unable to break This battle flag flew with the 12th Georgia at Second Manassas. A distinctive tribute to the color bearers who were killed carrying the flag at the Battle of Sharpsburg (Antietam) was added later.

Army of Northern Virginia Confederate Battle Flag

The only flag known to exist from the Second Georgia Infantry Regiment of the Confederate Army, made in 1860 ~ Richard Hatch Assoc. Auctions

CONFEDERATE 12 STAR FIRST NATIONAL FLAG - from Alexander Historical Auctions

Rebel fortifications in front of Atlanta, Georgia, in 1863 or 1864.

Edmund Ruffin fired the first shot at Fort Sumter, officially kicking off the Civil War. With Lee's Surrender at Appomattox, Ruffin committed Suicide, Shooting himself in the head. Hence, he is often associated with shooting the first and last shots of the Civil War. Picture ca. 1860-65

Seven-star Confederate 1st National flag used at Murfreesboro (Tenn.) when Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest raided the town, July 13, 1862. The flag belonged to Capt. Charles Anderson, Forrest's aide-de-camp.

The routines of camp life of the 31st Penn. Infantry (later, 82d Penn. Infantry) at Queen's farm, vicinity of Fort Slocum, Washington, D.C., during the Civil War in 1861.