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'Warm Summer' Coneflower

Must-Grow New Perennials for 2013

'Warm Summer' Coneflower - such pretty colors. 'Warm Summer' Coneflower - such pretty colors. 'Warm Summer' Coneflower - such pretty colors.

as an option for people to have their picnics immersed in lavender but doubles for use in teas or some recipes. Perfect!

The Best Drought-Tolerant Perennials

Enjoy the blue, lavender, purple, or white flowers in summer bloom. Good for slope and erosion control. Attracts birds and is fragrant. Zone 5 - Back flower beds.

Blanket Flower- one of my favorite perennials

Blanket Flower, drought and heat tolerant perennial wildflower that provides long-lasting color. In red, gold, or brown. Summer to Fall.

Stunning Flower Ball - Yahoo! New Zealand

Stunning Flower Ball

HOW TO: Create a Hanging Flower Ball. You don't need a large garden to enjoy springtime. Get back into my yard fun.

Five fabulous perennials for your garden this year

Five Fabulous Perennials

Five fabulous perennials for your garden you just have to try this year. My favorite is the Speedwell (Veronica)!

Hanging gardens in galvanized pails. Interesting! | protractedgarden

PHOTO ONLY - Hanging garden. I always wanted hanging baskets on my porch, but the plastic or wood containers at the nursery are not very attractive.

This is a picture of pink flowers. Flowers bring color and beauty to this world. Being around flowers can make the world a brighter day and you are able to easily see them so you are able to spot out the better things in life rather than the negative.

Zinnia, Queen Red Lime  http://www.juicingforweightloss.com/health

Zinnia, Queen Red Lime by burpee: Exotic bicolor zinnia! - must plant this spring. I love zinnias!

Alaska summer - arctic poppies

lexislex: “ Riot of Ranunculus Color (by Larry Gerbrandt) This was part of the commercial field where there was no attempt to plant specific colors. Shot in the Flower Fields near Carlsbad, CA on an.

The 15 Most Colorful Perennials for Your Yard.  Gorgeous colorful perennial options for adding color to your yard without planting every year.

15 Most Colorful Perennials for Your Yard

The 15 Most Colourful Perennials for Your Yard. Gorgeous colourful perennial options for adding colour to your yard without planting every year.

Lovely for my patio!!

Colorful bucket of pink & purple zinnias. (paint your bucket to match your decor and add plants accordingly.how easy is that for a cute centerpiece!

Often sweetly fragrant, the peony is a very long-lived perennial flower that forms 2- to 4-foot-tall clumps in shrublike bunches. Its numerous varieties offer a wide range of colors -- almost every shade except blue -- with some bicolors, and blooming periods from late spring to early summer./

26 Best Perennial Varieties for Your Garden

Summer flowers that just won't quit - there are plenty of perennials that bloom well into the fall like echinacea.

Power Perennials: Plants That Thrive No Matter What

24 Different Types Of Power Plants That Are Near Impossible To Kill East Beginner Gardening Plants Flowers Coneflower Cone Flower DIY Gardening Tutorial Instructions Heat and Drought Resistant Cold Tolerant Varieties