mid century

28 "affordable" mid century modern sofas via Retro Renovation. (Please note that affordable is defined as less than 2k, which is super high for some folks.) I have two of these IKEA sofas - love them!!!

Paradise Palms: Some mid century modern paint colors.

mid-century dining table

Mid century display cabinet. Vintage Pyrex. Mid century bullet planter.

1960's Sunburst Atomic Era 30" Wall Clock

MCM Bar Credenza

Creepy cool moving eyed cat clocks! We want a big black and white one. If you get a big mona lisa type painting, cut out the eyes, and put one of these behind it, it's pretty creepy. Idea from April Fools Day, 1984.

Mid Century Modern Lamp

Mid Century modern Platform bed

Statement rug. Point-de-Croix Alnoor for Diacasan Edition

Mid-Century Dresser Blue

Mid Century Modern dresser

Cado mid century wall shelving

Mid Century Modern Living Room

Mid-century modern alarm clock

This so what I would like for my dinning room!! Mid Century Modern Kitchen Design

Awesome mid century furniture piece, and I love the cool decor, like Woodstock and Elvis!

Mid Century Modern Decorating

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Mid Century Scandinavian Modern Wall Units