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Snow Patrol | Chasing Cars One of my favorite songs of all time!!!!!

Might be my all time favorite song.... sweet like candy to my soul, sweet you rock, and sweet you roll... {Dave Matthews Band - Crash Into Me}

We Are Young... Fun... could and have quoted too many lines from this song!

gotta love old people in goal in life is to live long with my guy and be just like this couple

It's time to PROVE IT!! They don't say actions speak louder than words for nothing!

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Printable - Snow Patrol, Chasing Cars Lyrics, set of three printables

Snow Patrol Chasing Cars lyrics, set of three printables.

Forever is a long long time but I wouldnt mind spending it by your side tell me every day I get to wake up to that smile I wouldnt mind it at all

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Sometimes I Wish I Was an Octopus

love this. Made me think about my little dude. He wakes up and first thing he does is sit in my lap and hug me for a few minutes. best hug EVER! Makes my day and I wish I could spend a lifteime waking up to these hugs!

Love and romance are not about how much money you have to spend, or what expensive things you can buy. Love and romance are felt-not bought.

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