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Lewis Wickes Hine, A young orphan girl, Washington, DC, USA, 1906. Sign in window says "Temporary Home for Colored Children" - I just want to scoop her up - so sweet

January 1939. "Negro sharecropper mother teaching children numbers and alphabet in home. Transylvania, Louisiana."

Nebraska. c. 1910 Photograph by Frederick Blaine Humphrey.

Soldiers pay moving tribute to 8 million horses, donkeys, & mules that died during World War I 1915

I have never, ever seen a vintage maternity photo like this. I've very rarely seen any.

Infamous "Stairs of Death" in Mauthausen quarryPrisoners were forced to climb the 186 steps of the Wiener Graben with large blocks of granite on their backs. Often the blocks would fall, crushing limbs and bodies of those following, sometimes killing. The SS guards invented competitions betting on which prisoner would make it to the top first. Those surviving the ordeal would then be forced to jump from the edge of the quarry to their death below.