Long division graphic organizer - perfect for students struggling with long division!

Long division

Long Division Layout

SO SIMPLE - how to teach long division in 3 minutes or less.

MY KIDS LOVE THESE!!!!! Color by number for upper el- students! Color by quotient!! Long division with a fun holiday twist!

Literally "Walking through Math Problems": Great for any student who struggles with explaining their thinking

Great poster for long division!

Writing Workshop Anchor Charts--try the FREEBIE! Buy individually or purchase the bundle and SAVE!

O.T...helping kids sit still

Too Loud Free app- hook up to your Smartboard to help kids monitor their voice level in class!

Design Your Own Math Game Are you looking for a fun and creative way to reteach, review, and enrich your recent math lessons? This product will do all of these things! The math games can be designed to work with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, or equations. Your students are limited only by their creativity!

Middle School OCD--teaching long division

Apps for Struggling Readers

3rd Grade ~ Vertical Math ~ Long Division

FREE Long Division with Remainders game from Laura Candler. Such Fun!

The 4th Grade May-niacs: Division without Dividing?!?!


Long division modeled with Base-10 blocks. This makes division so visible.

One Lesson at a Time: Writing 6-Digit Numbers in Expanded Form....a graphic organizer to help students understand! (free in the post)