Diamond loop tiara of Queen Mary

Crown of Queen Marie of Romania

Queen Marie Amelie Sapphire, Diamond and Pearl Tiara

Queen Mary's Stomacher

Queen Mary's Ruby Diamond Bracelet-Brooch

Queen Mary of Romania

Queen Mary’s Honeysuckle Diamond Tiara

Gold locket with the hair of Queen Marie Antoinette

The Amethyst Collection of Queen Mary

Fringe tiara belonging to Mary, Princess Royal (daughter of George V and Queen Mary). This can be taken from the frame and worn as a necklace. English, c 1890

The Duchess of Cornwall wearing the Delhi Durbar tiara previously worn by Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.

Queen Mary in the Delhi Durbar Tiara

Cartier Loop Tiara of Queen Victoria Eugenia of Spain.

Mary Queen of Scots Heart Pendant

The Delhi Durbar tiara. Belonged to Queen Mary, who left it to Queen Elizabeth.

The Vladimir Tiara, Russia, c.1890 Made for Grand Duchess Vladimir, aunt of the last Russian Tsar Nicholas II, the tiara was smuggled out of Russia during the Revolution by a British diplomat. In 1921 it was sold by the Grand Duchess’s daughter, Princess Nicholas of Greece, to Queen Mary, who adapted the tiara to take fifteen of the celebrated Cambridge emeralds as an alternative to the original pearls. The tiara was inherited by The Queen from her grandmother Queen Mary in 1953.

Opals and diamonds tiara via Marie Poutine's Jewels & Royals

Marie Antoinette's Diamond Earrings

The Gloucester Turquoise tiara c1850. Also known as the Teck Turquoise tiara. It was a gift from Queen Mary’s mother Princess Mary Adelaide, the Duchess of Teck. In 1935 Queen Mary gave it to her daughter-in-law Alice, the Duchess of Gloucester, as a wedding gift.

The Empress Marie Brooch consists of a large cabochon sapphire which is surrounded by 2 rows of diamonds. A large pearl drop hangs from the base. The brooch was purchased by Queen Mary from the Empress Marie's estate in 1929.