<3 this!

pink floyd painting

you've seen the butcher | Deftones


Foo Fighters



Ok. This is a really cool song if you prefer lighter rock. Not one of my favorites, but way better than most music out there.

Nirvana - All Apologies

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Deftones - Entombed lyrics


My Favorite lyrics ever!!!! "The Bleeding"- Five Finger Death Punch..I ❤ this song so much!

Led Zeppelin


A previous chapter of my life. Amazing how time changes and so does my music. I was in a dark place one time. Music is a reminder of where I was and just how far I have come. My journey is not over. More music to come ;)



Sorry, nothing to do with traditional pondering but I LOVE AC/DC.

Deftones Diamond Eyes Textile Poster - Commemorate the Deftones sixth album, Diamond Eyes, with this poster featuring a white owl. 30 x 40.

Music, my religion. The record store, my church. The rock stars, my saints. And their songs my hymns. -Dave Grohl