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And yet so many seem to think it does. Complaining about "liberal tolerance" not being so is to completely ignore one's own intolerance of the life of their fellow human being. Note I said life; "lifestyle" is a cop-out way of dehumanising the other person & allowing one's ideology to take precedent over the another human being. That is cruel, that is unjust, & yes, that is intolerable.

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Who really protects individual rights and freedom? Not the GOP and the tea partiers, no matter what they disingenuously say.

Aqueles que são suficientemente loucos ao ponto de pensar serem capazes de mudar o mundo... São os que realmente o transformam. #MudaBrasil #SemViolencia

Liberal is a label I'm ok with. I believe our country should do it's best to help those in need. Both government and individuals should want to achieve this.