• Krisella K

    so stupid it made me laugh

  • Keri Jaehnig @ Idea Girl Media

    Yeah - A little designer-parent humor... ;) image credit: Fantasia Home Parties

  • Jaleel Leffler

    moving company, very clever. #funny commercial #interesting ads

  • FUN Is The Answer

    One night stand please #funny #sign

  • Des

    Wanted: One night stand. userpics: Wanted, one night stand. userpics, userpics.com, funny, pics, picture, pictures, hahah, rofl, cute, lol, awesome, retro, cool, troll, trolol wanted_one_night_stand.jpg Check more awesome content at userpics.com

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when+I+see+my+food+coming.gif (: #lol

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A dual use for your un-used toy...pinktrickle


#Truth will set it free pinktrickle

Be his reminder... ;P


18 Things Only a Dog Owner Will Understand. This is so incredibly perfect. @Julie Forrest Forrest Forrest Forrest Forrest Ashley

How men play with dolls... lol

How men play with dolls... lol


arguing online

I do!