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Okay who can make these in cream and black?!? I will so pay who ever can haha we want these for our nursery

Who knows how to crochet?? If someone made this for me I would love them forever and ever. I want this!!!!!

Ballerina Hippo Crochet Amigurumi Stuffed by HookAndStitches

Summers coming I best get into shape.Pattern availble:

Crocheted hippo ravelry pattern! Heidi Bears - a true yarn artists! I have 1 last pattern to purchase from her from this range then I'm happy and complete ♥ Seriously, if you love crochet and love creating African flower motifs then buy buy BUY! ★

hippo ik vind hem geweldig , zou het patroon wel willen hebben

Crochet Hippo Plush Stuffed Animal Doll by YouHadMeAtCrochet

Daisy the Hippo in Tutu Crocheted Toy by CurlyTopCorner on Etsy, $16.99 Freaking adorable