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Lmao...that's right girls...worry about your hair and clothes and who to go out with when you are in school...and you too can be her!

Funny pictures about Minimum wage Barbie. Oh, and cool pics about Minimum wage Barbie. Also, Minimum wage Barbie photos.


A Comprehensive Guide To Gang Signs

Gang signs - okey-dokey artichokey is a common one at work now.not to mention waffle time!

Complementing a girl...

I'd seriously pick Thor's compliment over That Random Person On The Top. I love Thor!


Photographers manage to capture twenty-two perfectly timed cat photos. - More like Purrfectly Timed Cat Photos!

U go girl

Funny pictures about Pure sibling love. Oh, and cool pics about Pure sibling love. Also, Pure sibling love.


Dog thinks that having the animal hospital right beside the Chinese restaurant is very suspicious.

Parents <3

parents do the darndest things the brief expletives. These are hilarious! Jar-Jar Dad, though! omg i am crying laughing in the library! my dad would do some of these things

Yo mama is so fat

My second favorite "Yo' mama so fat". Number 1 being " Yo mama so fat she was diagnosed with a flesh eating bacteria & they gave her 13 years to live.