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The Lizzie Borden ax murder house is now a bed and breakfast in Massachusetts. It would be awesome to stay the night there.

The Scold's Bridle, a British invention, possibly originating in Scotland, used between the 16th and 19th Century. It was a device used to control, humiliate and punish gossiping, troublesome women by effectively gagging them. Scold comes from the 'common scold': a public nuisance, more often than not women, who habitually gossiped and quarrelled with their neighbours, while the name bridle describes the part that fitted into the mouth.

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Community Post: Dead Bodies On Mount Everest

As of 2004, more than 2,000 people had successfully reached the summit of Mt Everest, while 189 died trying. If you're one of the roughly 150 people to attempt to scale Mount Everest in this year, there's something you'll be sure to see along the way -- dead bodies. Recovering a dead body on Mount Everest is a near impossibe.Due to the extreme weather conditions, bodies that have been dead for over 50 years can still be found with little decay. This is George Mallory who fell to his death in…

Historic Newspapers~ Red Wing Daily Republican dated 08/01/1914 -- "Extra" edition announcing the beginning of World War I. On exhibit in the News Corporation News History Gallery at the Newseum. Newseum collection Photo credit: Newseum collection

Nazi murder count. It wasn't only Jews who died at the hands of the Nazis. A total of 13 million died in death camps... 6 million Jews, 7 milllion non-Jews


33 Facts About Famous People You Won't Believe Are True

Can you imagine how you would feel if your father was a convicted hitman?


MLK's Mother Was Assassinated, Too: The Forgotten Women Of Black History Month

On June 30th, 1974, Alberta Williams King was gunned down while she played the organ for the “Lord’s Prayer” at Ebenezer Baptist Church. As a Christian civil rights activist, she was assassinated...just like her son, Martin Luther King, Jr. But most people remember only one.

Fascinating & true ghost story and the only known case where a ghost's testimony put a man in prison.

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The Salem Witch Trials [infographic

The Salem Witch Trials of 1692-1693 were by far the largest and most lethal outbreak of witchcraft hysteria in American history. Yet Salem was just one of many incidents during the Great Age of Witch Hunts which took place throughout Europe and her colonies over many centuries. Indeed, by European standards, Salem was not even a large outbreak. But what exactly were the factors that made Salem stand out?

Everything Qualified You for Admission to an Insane Asylum 125 Years Ago - RYOT News No wonder! Everyone's a nut case!!! She's got a serious case of female disease. Admit her.

When ‘Harry Leon Crawford’, hotel cleaner of Stanmore, was arrested and charged with his wife's murder he was revealed to be in fact Eugeni Falleni, a woman and mother, who had been passing as a man since 1899. In 1914, as ‘Harry Crawford’, Falleni had married the widow Annie Birkett. Three years later, shortly after she announced to a relative that she had found out ‘something amazing about Harry’, Birkett disappeared.

In 1968, Barbara Baekeland, a socialite, tried to "fix" her gay son, Anthony, age 21, by having prostitutes have sex with him. Then, Mrs. Baekeland was alleged to have manipulated her son into having sex with her. In July 1972, Anthony tried to throw his mother under traffic. In Nov, he fatally stabbed her. He was institutionalized until 1980. 6 days after moving in with his grandmother, he stabbed her 8 times. While awaiting trial for attempted murder, he committed suicide.

Judith Barsi (1978-1988) was a child actress whose most famous for her voice-over work as Ducky in The Land Before Time. She and her mother were murdered by her abusive and jealous father on July 25, 1988, Two days later, he committed suicide. Barsi's final film, All Dogs Go to Heaven, in which she voices the orphaned Anne-Marie, was released a year after her death.

The doll also changed rooms by itself. We came home one night and the Annabelle doll was sitting in a chair by the front door. It was kneeli...

Elizabeth Andrew Borden aka Lizzie Borden found herself at the center of one of the most infamous unsolved murders ever.

Anneliese Michel (September 21, 1952 – July 1, 1976) was a German Catholic girl who was “possessed by demons” and subsequently underwent an exorcism. Following the last exorcism and after warning her mother that she could take no more, Anneliese died in her sleep.