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Nurses have the best stories!

Funny Nurses Week Ecard: Nursing-a noble profession requiring a twisted sense of humor. Proud to be a nurse!

You might be a #nurse if.... My mom always cringes when I say penis or now my kids say it! Hahahahaha...but honestly it is the correct verbage!

What's funny about this? That's how it is at our house! :)

"I have my future planned - I want to be a nurse!" ~ Vintage nursing recruitment poster.

"Hello Dr. Ferrera...yes, I know it's 2 am, but there is no Tylenol order and the patient has a headache." .........."no I did not just graduate, you are on call, NO?" lol!

nurses - remember you said you were chilly as you were trying to clock me with your left and screaming for me to leave. I sure hope you are more comfortable!!

I've actually done this, multiple times...

Funny but true most tattooed people seem to be afraid of needles