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LuLu Lemon yay for extra long workout pants :) I haven't looked at the site yet however with 36" legs I gotta feel her joy if she has the same!! ; ))

waaaaaaaannnnnttttt... but they don't have any more! Wahhh!

The smooth, flat waistband of Lululemon Locations is comfortable and soft.

I so wish they were still selling these. I love black running leggings but I also love some color. This is the perfect balance.

I love this!!! Too many sports bras do not have enough support for those of us with bigger chests!!!

What inspires you to lace up your shoes? Why new running gear of course! Oh how I love my lulu!!

lululemon.. I need that top for winter!!! It would keep my hands from freezing while I jog!

Took a risk in purchasing these.....So sad that this once high quality brand is now so cheaply made.... There is no comparison between my old lulus and the new ones... Come on lulu stop being so cheap!!!!!!! This is an opinion that is shared by many....

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