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  • Heather Applegate

    Funny Graphic Designer Posters Charts - 18 #graphicdesignquote #99problems #fonts #comicsans

  • Mr Espinal

    "If you're having font problems I feel bad for you son" —99 Problems #typography

  • courtney cissel

    —99 Problems #typography #comicsans

  • Jackie Voller

    This is for Jordan and her favorite font to use on ALL smart board slides!

  • anette rozijn

    I got 99 fonts, but Comic Sans ain't one. #Typography #Font #ComicSans #Fun

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Gorgeous old typography, Herb Lubalin. (no other details)

Comic sans is never an acceptable font unless you're an 8 year old girl writing about unicorns.

A typographic experiment - Favourite Sans Serif Typefaces. From:

These fonts would be cool for photo books from travelling. Get a font that suits the place you went to.

Keep Calm and Avoid Comic Sans (this is the best keep calm poster ever!!!)

Oh my, SO TRUE. phone up, cool ranch, xbox, apple, nike, hat on the left, verizon, monster? COKE. FANTA. digital, call of duty? (: LOL

That took me a minute... But the more u think about it...the more u laugh...

Amanda Snelson Warren - You just made my night and it has EVERYTHING to do with the comments!! Thank you, my friend. You are also an orange soda twig! *giggles uncontrollably* ♊️