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I miss scrunchie's! You could also wear them as an accessory on your wrist!

Scrunchies - they are back in fashion *shudder*

I had 5 pairs of these when I was little. Pretty much everything on Lauren Conrad's Blog I owned in the 90s-Millenium era

Angel Face Barbie 1982!! My all-time favorite barbie!! I LOVED her two-toned hair and makeup kit ♥

Lauren Conrad lists her favorite trends from the 90s. These are soo true hahaha I LOVED those chokers.

33 90's Trends that in retrospect maybe weren't such a great idea: Anything the company Bugle Boy ever made.

Cuz if you lived during the 80s you did this at one point or another

Lauren Conrad's Tips for How to Look Amazing in Photos - good for the brides (and everyone!)