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Great Horned Owl / Venetian Specialty Custom Animal Mask

Great Horned Owl / Venetian Specialty Custom Animal Mask .....oh my God... sooooo cute

Owl - The owl is a very respected animal and is thought to symbolize the souls of the departed.

Underwater Photos that Resemble Baroque Paintings

With all of her effects created in-camera using the refraction of light and movement in different depths of water, Christy Lee Rogers creates pictures that look like Baroque paintings without the help of Photoshop. Her obsession with water as a medium coupled with her dedication to photography as an artistic medium, makes her work truly stand out.

Along The Gringo Trail: New Year....New Friends.....

Owl face, Owl wild bird face water color art print, size10x8 (No. 27)

Stunning Paper Clothing And Accessories by Asya Kozina

Cat mask | Ukrainian paper sculptor and relief artist, Asya Gontsa fashions masks and figures from white paper of various weights. She studied art at Cherkasy National University and is now a designer and teacher.