*This is so well said* EVERYBODY SHOULD PIN THIS TO SAVE FOR WHEN THE TIME COMES :) The truth about Santa - this letter is inspiring. Don't want to forget this when the time comes!

Christmas tree cheese board Cheese cubes, green and red grapes 1 celery stalk. Sprig of thyme

DIY: How to Make a Peppermint Plate - using peppermints, a spring form pan and parchment paper. This is a clever way to give homemade Christmas treats - via I Gotta Create!

Love the way she explains Santa and Christmas as whole with respect to kids. Definitely how I'd like to raise ours.

Oreos on a stick might not seem that special; they certainly aren’t that different from Oreos that aren’t on a stick! But there’s just something about them that is really cute. And really tasty in that I-know-this-is-not-the-least-bit-healthy kind of way.Read More

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