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  • Bianca Hernandez

    Matt Bomer Channing Tatum: Shirtless 'Magic Mike' Still! - movies Photo

  • Logan Donaldson

    Movie Review: “Magic Mike.” #MagicMike #ChanningTatum #OliviaMunn

  • Taylor Wisnewski

    channing tatum, magic mike, stripper, sexy men, handsome men, attractive men, business men, hot guys, sexy celebrities, shirtless men

  • Amy Bond

    Magic Mike ~ Hellllloooo Mike! Enjoyed the eye candy but it was a terrible movie

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This is a face I don't think any girl gets tired of looking at. I know I never do ♥ You can never have too much Tatum.

Channing Tatum. From the first time I saw him in "She's the Man" I knew he would be the next big thing!

the movie itself wasn't great... but the dancing... ohhh the dancing!! and the bodies!! hot dayyum!

Channing Tatum-should have never stopped stripping, but then again I might not have ever known who you were and that would just be thanks for sharing your story so I could see you strip again! ;-)

Girls night. Woooot! Who cares if this movie has the worst plot ever? Channing Tatum stripping, heaven.

Word of Advice For All The Girls Out There: You may think it's going to be really funny when you finally convince your fiance (or boyfriend or husband or whatever) to watch this with you....but then he starts pointing out every time your heart starts beating faster and it's suddenly awkward and not funny anymore haha! THESE THINGS CAN'T BE HELPED! :p

Channing Tatum.. Just to show off his muscles a little more