minty tea cooler

Ginger tea with mint and lemon

Minty Iced Green Tea - Fresh mint leaves and green tea make this iced tea a summer standout.  Sweeten with honey or agave if you desire.+

Mumbai Masala Chai... Great video on the page as well! (other recipes as well)

Watermelon Sweet Tea

Watermelon Cucumber Cocktail

iced green tea w honey, ginger, and mint. yummy

Copycat McDonald's Sweet Tea - Summer in a glass! Included in the recipe, a great tip for smooth sweet tea...baking soda! |

watermelon-mint cooler!

Cappuccino Cooler

Earl Grey Lavender iced tea. yum!

Homemade Chai

How to Make Coffee Creamer. Snickerdoodle Coffee Creamer is great for coffee OR tea!

Creamy Oolong Chai Iced Tea (super easy and fast)

Pineapple Limeade Cooler

Iced Green Tea Lime Cooler - caffeine boost, for a different flavor from coffee! This is a metabolism booster and has healthy antioxidants

tea towel

Home Made Ginger Tea {A Pretty Life} - Delicious and good for you too! Packed with cold & flu fighting ingredients!