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    Biology Just-in-Time: Photosynthesis experiment with live plants.

    Leaves and Stomata I did this and we looked at the slides and the stomata were clearly visible

    photosynthesis vs respiration

    Photosynthesis paint

    Protons are the positively charged particles and electrons are the negativley charged particles - you can charge your iPod with an onion. Omg trying it.

    Another INCREDIBLE video showing photosynthesis at the molecular level. Wow!

    Osmosis experiment with gummy bears...did this with my Biology class and they loved it!

    Biology Labs, Activities, Videos, and Study Guides About Cells (Photosynthesis, Mitosis, Cell Organelles, and More)

    Photosynthesis video showing how plants use sunlight to create energy. Great video that starts at the macro level and zooms in to show the breaking and forming of bonds at the molecular level.

    Erosion lesson

    This OMG I am such a nerd because basically my two of my favorite things combined *hyper ventilating fan girl squeals*

    Chlorophyll rubbings: Painting with chlorophyll during our plant unit!

    soda bottle ecosystem ... I keep telling kiddo about this!! I think we will need to make one of these soon! I did it in 5th grade and LOVED it!! I think he will too!

    This morning I was feeling motivated and decided to create a model to help students understand photosynthesis a little bit better. I think the end product came out really well. The 3D tree leaf model can be used in a variety of different classes. In my school we will use it in 7th grade as a supporting project for our photosynthesis unit, and in 8th grade as a review station for our state science test.

    Mechanical Hand using only fast food straws - Straw Builder Project #1 5th Grade Human Body

    Would so do this with my students!

    Science Labs