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It is easy to see how I could have fallen in love with this little guy the second he came into the studio in his mother's arms. We were fast friends. He was a busy guy, but he always kept an eye on me and would gladly stop for just a moment to flash those baby blues my way. MELT! We wanted a

punkin butts lol - if my DIY sees this she'll have my son paint the kids butts for Halloween: ) At least for a photo! lol

So I found this on an idea board for a 1st bday for a child...thought the fact that someone (most likely the parents) is dousing this baby in silly string, and the look the baby is giving them, really.really, made me laugh! Bah! And this picutre captured not only 1st bday, but 1st parental revenge! Take that BABY!

Great 1st year pic idea! You can take the same picture in the same place and add more balloons as they age!