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Unicorn Farts Lip Balm - Long Winter Soap Co. My favorite EVER!!! I highly recommend. Made right here in Auburn, Maine. Great gift for the holidays!!!!

Unicorn Farts Lip Balm

Unicorn Farts lip balm (taste like spearmint and pink cotton candy).I want it just so I can tell people I use unicorn fart lip balm

Excellent color guide.

Psychology of Color: A Color Selection Guide for Designers Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the category. Check out Psychology of Color: A Color Selection Guide for Designers now!

Even boring everyday things, inventions can be made interesting with out-of-the-box designs, and these examples prove it.

The elevator shaft bathroom is absolutely horrifying, but the fridge and umbrella are pretty cool!

This set of "paints" is actually chocolates - and each one is filled with a liquified flavouring!

Nendo featured in lifestyle magazine PEN

If you love chocolate, love painting or simply just love chocolate, these box of chocolate paints designed by Japanese design giants, Nendo, is…

Wondra Flour White Gravy Recipe

Wondra flour is "instantized" flour made by the General Mills company. Special types of wheat are selected and specially ground to make fine flour particles

I know its dumb but on Dragon Tales I'm pretty sure they used this and since then i've always wanted oneee

Pit & Pendulum

Let this Pit & Pendulum provide relaxation for your office or home.

wine tasters in test tubes

Wine tasting by mail? Sample tubes - Marini, you might just find this raddly inspiring!

shoes made of chocolate, what size you want?  :)

shoes made of chocolate, what size you want? :)

Lovely Package Design by Isabela Rodrigues

Package Design A new stunning packaging project by Isabela Rodrigues Sweety Branding Studio. The design team was asked to create a fancy new packaging for Le Chat. More of the packaging on WE AND THE.

Good Night Relaxation Drink

Good Night Relaxation Drink made w natural herbal ingredients!

seringa de brigadeiro

By David Ponce Yes, that's a chocolate shot. It's made by a company called Zotter. It's kind of like an alcohol shot that you see in bars, except with less…

All About Chocolate

a Baker's Guide to Buying Chocolate by Wicked Goodies

Breathable Chocolate by Le Whif Two Packs in one order! All the chocolate taste, none of the calories Inhale your chocolate instead of eating it! Less than 1 calorie per serving When you need your chocolate fix.

Breathable Chocolate by Le Whif