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"During the late 19th and early 20th centuries all manner of elaborately molded puddings, aspics and baked goods were in vogue. Tin-lined cooper molds became highly specialized, from plain and fluted darioles (far left) used for savory mousses, to the elaborately tiered and swirled molds sometimes used for for sweets. Donut-shaped savarin molds were a typical shape for dense cakes soaked in rum-flavored syrup." -"Mother of All English Kitchens," AtticMag

Crystal lamp box

simple marble dish

Lille lejlighed med maksimum plads | Femina

kitchen bench

Mushroom chopper + catch cup // Press down to slice and collect in one simple action! Brilliant kitchen gadget! #product_design

hair / studio swine

hair / studio swine

Hair Highway



Sanctuaria by Morgan Ruben Jansen op de Haar at

Photo by Susanna Vento | Varpunen: Paperikaupassa

Brass vases by Paolo Dell'elce are modelled on still life paintings

16" Coffee Table Height

Codify Pencil Holder

zizi the every normal days 每一天的日常生活

zizi the every normal days 每一天的日常生活

zizi the every normal days 每一天的日常生活

Image of Sage Pyramid / Brass

#copper #plant #inspiration

Ikebana Inspired Cups & Bowls by Hanna Kruse in main home furnishings Category