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  • Schylar Herrin

    Original pinned said, "Read this and immediately thought Obama, but then asked my sister and mom who they thought said this without saying it was Hitler. Within seconds they both snickered and said Obama. That says something." Hahahhaha that is the dumbest thing I've ever heard!!!!! Do people who vocally comment on the government even keep up with the times? It's even funnier since Obama recently spoke out for a higher minimum wage and Republicans repeatedly vote to end unions.

  • Nicole Louise

    LNP, Conservatives, Tories, Tea Party etc etc

  • Ilene Kent

    Hitler Quote re: Reduce worker Salaries

  • K Daley

    Hitler... History Repeating...

  • Shauna Urban

    ~ Does This Sound Familiar???

  • Kate Merkel

    Republican Family Values photo # Pinterest++ for iPad #

  • Jerry Hughes

    Hitler replaced the individual unions with official gov't unions that were politically loyal to him. And, given the cozy relationship the big unions have with the Department of Labor and the Democrat party, we have a similar situation today, de facto gov't sponsored unions who are more loyal to the regime than the workers.

  • Pamela Myers

    6/16/14 - THIS is what the liberal left actually think! Idiots, all of them. / Sounds like democommunism.

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INDIGOS ! Heed This Warning ! "Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups."

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Cicero quote..This is why that traitor in the white house is so dangerous.... but the idiots who still swoon over his every word are still more dangerous as they are blocking our efforts to expose this evil.

"The world is a dangerous place. Not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing." Albert Einstein

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Veterans Job Act. S.1982 was killed by Senate Republicans, with a vote of 56-41 -- only Republicans Senators voting nay and with only two Republicans voting for the bill. "If signed into law, this sweeping legislation would expand and improve health care and benefit services to all generations of veterans and their families." ~Veterans of Foreign Wars

The election board quickly deadlocked. One of its biggest fights was over where to put the early voting location. Democrats wanted a central spot in downtown Toledo; Stainbrook pushed for a site nine miles away in Maumee, which is one-twentieth the size of Toledo and almost entirely white.

President Obama, one of the first presidents in years to actually be on the side of the working man. Vote in 2014 and give him a congress he can work with.