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    President Obama reduced Donald Trump to a pathetic puddle by explaining in less than a minute why Trump won't win the 2016 election. |via`tko PoliticusUSA


    It was mere weeks ago that the Department of the Interior officially declared that Mt. McKinley would be rightfully renamed as Mt. Denali. And now, Alaska is taking it one step further for Native Rights and it is renaming Columbus Day as "Indigenous Peoples' Day".

    8 Native Americans Reveal the Brutally Honest Truth About Columbus Day

    Howdy Gowdy Time or maybe a better statement is it looks like Gowdy my be doing some time for illegal expenditures of government funds for political gain. And it certainly is time that it happens.

    Christopher Columbus is not the father of America. He's the psychopath who found young America, kidnapped it, raped it, did all manner of horrible things, eventually gave it Stockholm Syndrome and now we have a federal holiday for somebody with a death toll comparable to most wars.

    Greg Sargent: When The GOP Holds The Country Hostage, It's Not A "Negotiation." Even as the Republican Party descends into chaos, revealing itself as incapable of selecting a leader, let alone governing, the rest of the country still has to deal with the consequences of a dysfunctional, largely incompetent group of fanatics in control of an entire branch of the U.S. Government.

    Republicans cause the deaths of four Americans by cutting a half billion in embassy security funding prior to Benghazi and now run a political circus costs hundreds of millions in attempts to blame someone else.

    Republicans spending hundreds of millions in government money to investigate for political gain. What's amazing is it was republicans cutting half a billion in embassy security prior to Benghazi which led to the tragedy.

    "The Invisible War" documentary on Netflix is an amazing spotlight on the epidemic of rape in the military and how it affects their lives.

    Just one reason for feminism. Women are educating & standing up...and in doing so we empower all of us.

    Things Are So Bad For Republicans That War Criminal Dick Cheney Could Be Speaker

    Of all social cancers plaguing America, and there are many, misogyny is seldom addressed regardless it is becoming a widely accepted form of expression to abridge women’s rights; including their freedom of speech. There are an alarming number of men who cannot tolerate women using their freedom of speech to express their opinions, and they are resorting to cowardly threats of violence to silence them with impunity.

    #ColumbusWasAHero is one of the top trending hashtags on Twitter right now. Some of it is coming from liberals who are using it to expose the sadism and psychopathy of that mass murdering slave trader. But a large majority of it is coming from Fox News, Limbaugh and The Donald who continue to throw bottles of bleach all over American history by defending the holiday and claiming that Christopher Columbus really was a hero and a wonderful person.

    Learn how to make a PERFECT baked chicken breast with this delicious, juicy, tender, and fool-proof recipe! |

    Tulsi Gabbard on Meet the Press Daily: Need to focus on the right missi...