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well, how do you like that? The Schmap guide people used my Golden Gate Bridge photo in an iPhone promotion. Thanks, Schmap! (I think it's all a bunch of marketing hooey, but what the hell...) (The photo was first posted on Dec. 1, 2004.) giochi lego

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Seventeen meters high waterfall in Burgers Bush, part of Burgers Zoo, situated northly to the city of Arnhem (From 'A bridge too far' or "Die Brücke von Arnheim") in the Netherlands. Burgers Zoo is not an ordinary zoo. It is know for its so-called 'e Fill Your Autoresponder Everytime with the "Full Meal Deal"

I have no idea why my inner (outer, really) geek has always been fascinated by lists of what people have in their bags. I have to join the fun! This is what I typically carry around town. The New Designer Inspired London Office Tote Ostrich Finish

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