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How to Make Your Own Kinetic Sand Art Picture

How to make Kinetic Sand - Kids Activities Blog

How to make kinetic sand

This DIY recipe for Kinetic Sand only takes 3 ingredients, and costs about a third of what commercial brands of Kinetic Sand retails for. Kids love sensory play like this, and will occupy them for hours. See how to make your own Kinetic Sand here!

How to make Moon Sand ( Kinetic Sand )

Top 3 recipes for Kinetic Sand and Moon Sand! Link includes instructional video and bonus: how to make colored kinetic sand!

I made 'kinetic' sand and it turned out great. Sift 10 cups of play sand ($3.50 for a 50 lb bag at Home Depot). Add 5 cups (about a 1 lb box) of corn starch of a store brand which is under $2.00. Mix well, then add 1 cup of water, or a little more until you get the right consistency to make it stick together without being wet. Keep in a sealed box. If it dries out, simply add water. If you add a enough to make it like mortar, you can make a sand bundt cake that can even be carefully sliced!