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I just told a friend today that I was being not so nice to someone but adding 'lol' at the end of everything to lessen the blow. Funny Apology Ecard: Oops, that was a bit harsh. Let me add a 'haha' to the end to soften the blow.

LOL! pretty sure i've disappointed some people when they saw it was girl walking thru the door!

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Community Post: Get Cake Homie!

If the chap next door must have a garish neon sign and no curtains, can we swap the beer advert for something a little less 'living it large post-divorce YOU DON'T CONTROL ME JENNY'?

I hate quotes like this. Man hating and all. I don't know what I'd do without my dad, brother and brothers in law in my family! God made men and women to compliment each other and work as a team. Not for this.