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    A spooky candle display without any fire danger: Wrapping paper tubes, paper towel tubes and TP tubes, hot glue for the 'drips', all painted with a flat black spray paint, and battery operated tea lights.

    DIY Halloween Candles

    DIY Candles 1.) save toilet/towel paper rolls 2.) drip hot glue gun at top of rolls; let dry 3.) spray paint to desired color 4.) tape flameless tea lights on top end & voilà

    Make your own skull & bone fountain - dollar store items, some bowls and paper mache! Too simple!

    This 31 Days of Halloween series is so fun! These Faux Candles are so easy, just tea lights, toilet paper rolls, hot glue, and spray paint.

    tutorial - make a giant spider

    halloween pvc candles

    31 Halloween Party Ideas. Something cool for the kids and for guests that dont drink alcohol

    8" Black Metal Lantern with Removable Holiday Collar and Battery Tea Light

    very cool candles!They are very easy to do with PVC pipe, expandable foam, and white hot glue sticks & gun, spray paint, and little LCD tea lights.

    floating candles in great hall hogwarts - paper towel tubes and LED candles

    How to Create a Ghost Illusion for a Haunted House @Mary Powers Powers Powers Sandgren this is awesome, I would love to try this

    Branches are drilled with the tiniest of holes. Fine fishing line is threaded through them to create the radial arms and a hot glue gun is u...

    Toilet paper rolls

    Spooky Halloween staircase.

    used:Styrofoam Coffin, 4 Walgreens Skeletons, 2 - 10' 3/4" pvc pipes, 4 - 4' rebar Florist wire

    Time for a halloween party 9

    Easy Halloween craft- Egg Carton Bats

    Buy a cheap clock, hot glue fabric rosettes around it... Don't love the flowers, but it's a great tip to use whatever one likes!

    This is a way I came up with to make quick, cheap and easy armatures for props that appear to be coming out of the ground (Zombies, etc.). Materials/Tools:(you can use wadded-up newspaper instead of a wig head; tomato cages are available here)First, turn the tomato cage upside-down, so that the largest circle is on the ground. Then, bend the 2 wires opposite eachother into the shape of arms. Remember to make shoulders, too: Bend the third wire straight down, t