any body need some good vibes?

"time for each other" by FLOWmarket

can I spray myself?

Spray to Forget. shake well. (for the spotless mind)...I need one for Remembering, do you have that?


Lovely smell


"We are a people of open minds, loving hearts and welcoming hands."

Spray the Bitch Away --- An aromatherapy spray/ perfume for when you're irritated, pissed off, annoyed, tired, peeved, frustrated, enraged, or have an overall bad attitude! Spray generously in your environs and breathe in mist. Good grief, I need this in gallon buckets.

romance was born #ELLEMERswimwear

Amazing things will happen! #believeit

This is true.

Retro packaging

would drink every day



It's so true ... :( ... A great new print by Brad Rose, available for order via email only at this time.

seriously don't ....if you do you just gave them the power to take 24 hours away from you

Yes! Heart print

Oliver Gal 'Perfectly Fabulous' Wall Art | Nordstrom

House bottle