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    Chicken wire fence for backyard

    Great fence, needs that chicken wire

    fence- chicken wire on regular wood fence- possibly with electric wire on top.

    Love this. . . rustic log fence

    fence Split Rail with wire

    THIS is what i want. log fence made with chicken wire. Nice entryway. flowers on the outside. logs to make the raised beds too.

    Individually-fenced garden boxes Fighting off chompers this season. Guess I need these!

    Attractive but economical fencing option for large dog pen.

    Succulent Pipe Fence

    Framed chicken wire fencing on raised garden bed great idea for some shade crops like beets and lettuces

    Simple garden fence

    Would love to have something similar around my pasture. Keep things in that should be in, and coyottes, raccoons and opossoms OUT.

    Cute idea. Hang off fence.

    vhord: “eartheld: “upclosefromafar: “~My Hidden Nirvana~ ” mostly nature” strictly nature”

    nice veg. garden fence

    remove seat, attach 1/2" wire mesh to create a flower 'bed'

    appealing way to have a fenced in garden...this could be done in back left corner of the yard....

    How To Build a Trouble-Free Chicken Brooder -this is a great idea! Easy to clean, wire is high enough so chicks can stay in brooder until they feather out.

    Succulents are striking, but many are small and low-growing, making them hard to appreciate when planted in the ground. Planting a mix of hardy hens and chicks (Sempervivum sp.) in a hanging sphere allows you to enjoy them in a new way. Work from a wire form with soil, then press individual plants into holes no deeper than their roots. Hang it securely (it will be heavy) in a place where the spiky silhouettes and varied textures and colors can be enjoyed up close. As new offsets form, they should be pinned to the surface with a bent paper clip or hairpin to preserve the tight, compact profile.