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10 Ways to Pray for Your Husband | designbylulu

There is life in God's Word that can inspire you to breathe love into your own marriage. Here are 8 Bible verses to strengthen your marriage with FREE Printables!

Pray for your future husband... He needs your love now, even if you've never met him! Not only do I pray this for my future husband but I also pray that I strengthen my relationship with God.

I pray.....

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A Wife's Prayer For Her Husband

Praying this for my daughters' future husbands ❤

7 Powerful Prayers for your Husband (and a Challenge!)....

Always praying to have the strength to be the best wife possible and praying for my husband in good times and bad. We are truly blessed!

Prayer for anxiety and stress

Wives…Pray for Your Husbands 1. That the Word of God lives in his heart. (Prov 4:23) 2. That he submits to the Word of God daily and shuns evil. (Prov 3:7) 3. That he will take hold of the leadership role designed for him in this family. (Eph 5:25-29) 4. That he will not yield to temptation or impropriety.(1 Cor. 10:13) 5. That he will provide a suitable income for our household but keep a Godly perspective on money and its power. (Luke 16:13)

50 Ways to Love Him---- nice things to remember when life gets too fast. ( this is an awesome list-juju)

Give your husband the gift of prayer.

Family rules

I wrote this in my journal before I met my husband and prayed that he would be this type of man... now praying the same for my girls!

A Prayer for Your Husband When He's Stressed

Prayer for your Husband - I've seen some ugly comments about this. Just because you pray for it doesn't mean your spouse is guilty. Would you not pray for your children's health even when healthy?

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And vice versa #prayeriseverything God doesn't bless a relationship He isn't involved in.