Atlantis Stands Ready!  What a beautiful view!!
It's just so mind blowing that we're able to craft this and force it in and out of our world, when you really think about it.
Leaving this World Behind
Shuttle lift off
Atlantis accelerating -- T & T
Scientists puzzled for decades as to why their equations did not explain the observed universe and why the infinitesimally small scale did not match the astronomically large universe ? Then then factored in Dark matter and it's polar opposite Dark energy and then computer simulations make sense BUT it's all theory, since Dark material cannot be observed but its effect on visible celestial bodies confirm their existence through billions of pieces of data extrapolated by astronomers number…
Soviet Space Shuttle BURAN
Farewell, Atlantis (NASA, International Space Station, 07/19/11) by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center
Space Shuttle by Dennis Fletcher
Light up your kids' eyes at the Kennedy Space Center! Space Shuttle Atlantis in the front row - Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, FL