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Joel Cooper folds some paper.

Joel Cooper is an origami artist specializing in tessellation techniques, and paper mask designs in particular.

New Tessellated Origami Masks by Joel Cooper See more examples of this amazingly talented origami artist at the link: http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2013/12/new-tessellated-origami-masks-by-joel-cooper

Origami Masks by Joel Cooper



Illusion: Origami craftsman Joel Cooper has been perfecting his folding technique for many years. Although, it looks like some of his masks use strips of paper weaved in one another, in reality, it is done with meticulous folds from a single sheet. (Photo © Cooper) http://illusion.scene360.com/art/25800/intricate-origami-masks/

Origami by Akira Yoshizawa

13 Kawasaki Roses by John McKeever folded from a sheet of elephant hide paper

Emma van Leest

Artist Dinh Truong Giang uses a 'wet fold' origami technique to make these paper miniatures.

Origami http://www.unitednow.com/product/15783/roylco-really-big-origami-paper.aspx http://www.unitednow.com/search.aspx?searchterm=paper+squares

Origami - Traditional Japanese Art of Paper Folding

origami money turtle

Origami Horse

INK Studio – Graphical Carnaval

Super Punch: Dozens of downloadable masks

How to Make a Paper Mache Mask

Folded photos

Origami lion Diagram by Satoshi Kamiya. Folded by me [nyanko sensei]]. Mulberry paper. Size: 60 x 60 cm.