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  • Shelby Edwards

    Mulan - Disney Characters in "Real Life" by Jerka Väätäinen, Finnish designer (he's studying graphic design at the Art University College at Bournemouth) These incredible projects are bringing him a lot of buzz and attention and with good reason! I love how he captured each characters features and completely stayed true to their entire look. The characters look as if a photo were taken and they truly do exist in real life!

  • Aiden Ball-graham

    If Disney princesses were real: Last year, Jirka Väätäinen, a student at Arts University College at Bournemouth in the UK, had the creative idea to bring Disney’s famous heroines to life using photo manipulation. The 22-year-old graphic design student combined photos of real women with cartoon characters using Photoshop and created digital paintings that brought Disney Princesses to real life.

  • Christopher Hart

    'Real Life' Disney Girls. Reimagined by Helinski-based artist and graphic designer Jirka Väätäinen. Fa Mulan from Mulan

  • Danica Lamphere

    Mulan, favorite Disney girl of all time! And the only disney movie that really shows difference in gender roles.

  • Jessie Fishel

    "Real Life" Mulan: Graphic design student Jirka Väätäinen used Photoshop to imagine what the Disney princesses would look like if they were real women. Illustration by Jirka Väätäinen

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A Princess Quality I want my daughter to have: Snow White Humble: Snow White never put her beauty and self above someone else. She gathered strength to leave a dangerous life and was willing to work for her new life despite her 'princess status'.

far out this is good! i love how it's so realistic coz it makes me think that there are real disney princesses out there in the big, wide world!

Jirka Väätäinen created this set of art showing what it might be like if Disney characters were a bit more realistic. I have seen other artists attempt similar stuff but the results Jirka got are different than any of them. These photo manipulations are colorful and full of the spirit from the source material.

Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre-Dame. This is a continuation of my previous attempts to envision Disney characters in “real life”.

"Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty" -Graphic designer Jirka Vinse Jonatan Väätäinen is truly talented! By using photoshop, this artist has created portraits of what all the Disney princesses would look like in real life. They are beautiful.

Beautiful artist interpretations of Disney Princesses (for all of them!)

A Princess Quality I want my daughter to have: Accepting Pocahontas can see past social barriers that might otherwise make people uncomfortable. Despite racial differences, language barriers and cultural clashes she is able to communicate and build friendship.

A Princess Quality I want my daughter to have: Independent Jasmine from Aladdin was given everything in life but she still wanted to make it on her own. She left her comfortable walls to venture into the unknown hoping to make her own name for herself.

Como serian las Princesas Disney si fueran reales... ?? by Jirka Väätäinen... Facebook ➤

When the fairy tale ends, real life begins… Bahahahah