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LITTLE PEOPLE!!!!!!! My little sister had these!

Vintage Fisher-Price Little People, of course. There's something about these iconic little figures that puts a smile on my face every time I see them. Fisher-Price manufactured Little People in this form from the through the Loved!

I never knew how to fold this one...thanks Pinterest!!

old school style note folding. Yep, this is how we texted our friends.we called it passing notes. I have boxes of these stored from middle school.

Fisher Price Little People (and dog) to go with the houseboat.

My kids loved these Fisher Price Little People! The house. The car. We even have the bus, and the people would go "up and down". All the cars. The best part is watching my grandbabies play with all the originals!

.Girls had this in the crib. Remember waking to the sounds of Ally playing with this. Kept her busy for a long time.

Vintage - Fisher Price Activity center, Little ones play with this anywhere or alot of ppl attached then to the rails of the crib. the the baby played with it while in the crib.

Remember playing with these peoples?

Vintage fisher price Little People baby nursery set. I find pieces from this set from time to time in my girls' Barbie stuff, and it makes me smile.

90s kids: Who remembers the smelly markers?

Sketch scented markers--Remember these? They were my FAVORITE. I hated the purple smell though, i think that is why forever I have disliked "purple" artificial flavoring in things.

My sister & I had a shoe box full of barrettes like these when we were little

little girl hair barrettes.pink poodle and red bunny. I wore these as a kid!

Mousetrap, great game...

I remember trying to play "Mousetrap". By the time we had the board ready, we didn't play the game; we just played with the marble that went down the chute.

castle #fisher_price #little_people #vintage. I loved the trap | http://awesome-cartoon-photo-collections.blogspot.com

castle fisher price little people vintage. I loved playing with this set.

If you know what this is you are probably an 80s baby

I loved my Popple! Toys from the were the best! I loved my Popple! Toys from the were the best! I loved my Popple! Toys from the were the best!