Makes you realize your problems aren't so big after all...

repin if you think she's beautiful

we should look at this picture every morning before we start the day complaining...

Puts things in perspective.

So true! Lord, help me be grateful for what you have given me instead of always wanting more!

There comes a time when you get too old for games or the games just get old. If his pride is too big to show you how he feels then girl you better be walking.

Love this!

I'm Luke. My girlfriend Kate was just diagnosed with cancer and lost all her hair. So for her, I shaved my head as well. I love this girl, please keep her in your prayers <3 Please reblog to show her that people out there care.

You've held my heart for 22 years and always will xo



"Las Hermanas/The Sisters" | Photographer: Delgadina, 2008, Additional Information: Caption - "... They were coming from the market where they sat on a bench and ate strawberries. When they left, they started holding hands and only then I photographed them."


The ugly tears came. My heart breaks for them but they are sooo happy now.

prayers... so precious

beautiful children of God. | It feels good, very good, when we pray. Seeing someone pray makes us ...

Heroes <3

Life could always be harder, we don't even realize how much protection we are getting.

I've followed his story since the beginning. Rest in Peace, sweet Angel. Service Information (taken from Courtney's blog): Tripp's services will be held at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Ponchatoula on Wednesday, January 18th. Visitation will be from 10am - 1pm, with a mass of Christian Burial starting at 1pm. Interment follow in the Ponchatoula Cemetery. His services are open to all who loved Tripp and want to join us in prayer.

best big brother. Ever.