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Biblical map of the world

splits the hard way

This fantastic contraption, called the ‘Routefinder’, showed 1920s drivers in the UK the roads they were travelling down, gave them the mileage covered and told them to stop when they came at journey’s end. The technology – a curious cross between the space age and the stone age – consisted of a little map scroll inside a watch, to be ‘scrolled’ (hence the word) as the driver moved along on the map. A multitude of scrolls could be fitted in the watch to suit the particular trip the driver...

Spinster with cat (as per description) Times Square, Jet Magazine 1956

The Ringling Brothers Circus presents, Miss Otisa!

Getting a Permanent Wave 1938 [for those 'Shirley Temple' curls]

suitcase life preserver from 1915. Ad says with room for food and water, its like a floating hotel!

Sylvia Plath. On February 10, 1963 Sylvia Plath was found dead of carbon monoxide poisoning in her kitchen. Plath had placed her head in the oven, while the gas was turned on and the pilot light unlit. She was 30.

The Berlin Golden Hat (or Berliner Goldhut) is a tall, conical artifact made of hammered gold and decorated with astronomic symbols including the moon almost 3000 years old. It dates back to 1000-800 BC and may have been used as the ceremonial hat of a high priest or ruler used when worshipping the sun. It is possible that the Berliner Gold Hat was also used as a calendar: the symbols on the artefact would have permitted the determination of dates or periods in both lunar and solar calendars...

Two headed calf, 1942.

Window head men, date unknown.

A 1950s clipping from what is believed to be the New York Daily Mirror. Funny how things have come full circle? Once again, spanking is all the rage. 'Cept these days women who are spanked aren't "asking for it," they're BEGGING for it.

The Living Skeleton Cartes de Viste

In 1901 a woman in Poiters, France was found having been confined to her room for 24 years by her mother. How sad!

This photo of Rosalia Lombardo was taken in 1984. Why is that interesting? She was the last person buried in the catacombs of the Capuchin Monastery 64 years before this photo was taken, in 1920.

1960s Vibrating "Muscle" Massager...yeah right. HaHaHaHa! Five minutes does the job. Give it to her.

A 1950s ice cold whisky dispenser.

I see the "crying during a photo session" is not new!!!

Rhinoplasty. Loss of nose due to an injury, and replacement by a finger in 1880. Surgery by Dr. E. Hart, photo by OG Mason, both of Bellevue Hospital, NY.

Guadalupe & Josephine Hinojosa, "The Cuban Twins", circa 1914. Sorry for the small scan size on this one.

Fantastic cabinet card. The parents clearly wanted a photo of their two children together so they have placed the baby (whose arms are blurring because they're moving) in the arms of his dead big sister.