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This is the most cute drawing/picture I see.

Animal sketches by Therese Larsson, via Behance - this little owl is just adorable. i love all the detail in the feathers and how it gives him a very fluffy and cuddly feel

Umbrella by Chelsea Mae Tanami (Smith) - the first watercolour painting she ever sold and it was at her school exhibition.

17. The artists uses multiple colors, a mixture of warm and cool colors to bring out the colorfulness of it. The lines define the woman's features and helps us distinguish her hair from the blending of the colors. The artist also uses different lighting which draws our attention to the lightest area, the woman's face.

Use chalk pastels oil pastels and pencil crayons on black paper give the kids a photograph to start with and make a self-portrait

Top 7 Digital Artists to Follow on Behance | Florian Nicolle, aka neo, is a young graphic designer and illustrator based out of Caen, France with a captivating technique that involves several mediums of art. His mixed media creations often begin as simple drawings, sketches, or paintings and evolve into complex, digitally enhanced, and layered portraits that are anything but conventional.